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HAROLD'S craftsmanship and sustainability since 1939

In 1936 Nikolaus Schmelz laid the foundation stone by opening a workshop in Obertshausen a town near Frankfurt for the production of leather bags. Since 1955 the son of the founder Günter Schmelz has made long-lasting collaboration agreements with foreign partners, initially in Italy and then in Colombia and India. Carefully selected materials, craftsmanship and know-how have always been the basis of Harold's production. In 1999 Thilo Schmelz, a qualified architect and grandson of the founder, joined the company; he compares a bag to a house where people love to live; its shape and function must be well planned, its design and life cycle must last a long time and must be made with authentic materials. This working method today shapes the qualitative and aesthetic image of the Harold's brand: constructive and timeless design, first-class craftsmanship and natural leather.

Harold's bags become more beautiful over time - they tell stories - they adapt to the needs of the wearer - they are discreet and the design is timeless.

Harold's uses robust and expressive leather, developed according to its own methods. The leather keeps the pores open and is delicately finished. This means that the raw material can still be seen in the products and gives them a unique feeling. The skin develops its individual beauty through use. The best way to ensure this is to use vegetable tanning processes. The skin comes from cattle raised in the mountains at an altitude of 3000 meters or on vast warm plains and they spend the whole year outdoors and far from civilization; they graze on natural herbs so that their skin develops a balanced fiber structure. This is the guarantee for the long life of the hides.

All leather hides come from leftovers, i.e. from food production waste. When it comes to cotton fabrics, certified organic quality yarns are used. The yarns are woven in Germany with processes that make them extremely resistant to tearing and abrasion.

To create sustainable bags with a timeless design and refined workmanship, the level of workmanship must be constantly high. Harold’s is very attentive to the working conditions of its collaborators all over the world, ensuring training, schedules, hygienic and safe conditions and orders distributed evenly over time.

Three lines, one brand: Harold's
Harold's Concepts
An emphasis on design

The Harold's Concepts collection has an urban and timeless appearance. It combines functionality with aesthetics in a unique way, they are designed for people who lead a modern and sustainable lifestyle and have an affinity for refined design.
Each of the Harold's Concepts bags is inspired by architectural design techniques and is based on its own construction plan, which is studied in detail. A delicate synergy of selected natural leathers creates distinctive and eternal pieces.
For the Harold’s Concepts men's and women's collections, bovine leathers that live in the Andes countryside at an altitude of 3000 meters are used. 100% vegetable tanned hides are processed as naturally as possible in order to preserve their original character. Harold Concepts bags are produced in Colombia by highly specialized personnel and represent the very essence of Harold's craftsmanship. The accessories of the Harold's Concepts collection are manufactured in its factories in Germany, applying the know-how of over 80 years in the manufacture of bags and in the use of selected European vegetable tanned leathers.

Harold's Heritage
The classics

The Harold's Heritage collection interprets the classics of the sea in a contemporary key. Bags are made for people who appreciate tradition and who want to experience romance in modern times.
As for functionality and design, the collection has proved to be the most favorite of all time. Some new functional details have been added to some of the classics, but not at the expense of their originality.
For the Harold's Heritage range, 100% vegetable tanned leathers are used.
Depending on the series, the bags are made in India or Colombia.

Harold's Contemporary
Modern vintage

The Harold's Contemporary collection is simultaneously casual and fashionable. The bags are ideal for fashionable people who appreciate refined design and workmanship, as well as the synergy of selected materials and colors. Harold's Contemporary collection is in step with the times and is appreciated by both women and men.
For these models natural cowhide is used which offers a particular patina and its quality develops with use.
The hides are semi-vegetable and 100% vegetable tanned.
The Harold's Contemporary line is produced in India and Colombia.